Create a Sims 4 Character Online

Sims 4 allows you to create the perfect human avatar character with all features customisable making it the best PC game for character creation online. What's even better is you can play the game on mobile not just PC. Live out your life as your identical looking avatar or make someone completely new! Check the full video out below for the features available for the character designer.

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As well as creating a character you can then control him or her and live out a simulated life in a diverse online world. Build your own home, get a career, even get married and have kids! The Sims is the most rich and diverse avatar based creation game to ever exist with the fun factor well and truly infused into the game compared to more rather crude games such as Second Life and IMVU.

Instagram Model Sim

Here is a great video by Simployed which demonstrates the stunning capabilities of the Sim character builder. You can literally create any realistic look you want from your Sim avatar, they look extraordinary human like and hyper realistic, from facial features, body shape to fashion and acessories!